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Hi Everyone,

Lazlo will be broadcasting live with the following special programming:

Monday @ 7pm ET - Presents New NJ Music (see playlist below)

Tuesday @ 7pm ET - Lazlo's Den Presents New Music (see playlist below)

Listen here:


Every Monday read a new's New & Notable NJ Music: on New Jersey Stage:
This Monday (8/28) will feature: BreakTime, The Martyr, The Funky JC's, Joe P, A Ghostly Heart, Latewaves, (+ Not New, But Memorable: Cuppa Joe)


Latest Updates on

MUSIC VIDEO: Latewaves - "Italian Smokes" (NJ)

MUSIC VIDEO: Quality Living - "summatime" (NJ)

INTERVIEW: The Make Three interviewed by Thommy Delaney (NJ)'s New & Notable NJ Music: 8/21/23 (read it on New Jersey Stage)
(feat: orionfalls, NOT YER BABY, Alibi, Signal Valley, Levy Okun, Modern Crybaby, and Mike Noordzy
Plus a look back at "The Life You're Faking" by The Dipsomaniacs)


Lazlo's Corner

While does not really use social media I did want to point out two places you can follow us:



Mastodon I am using similar to how I used Twitter (before Musk made a bad site worse). You'll see updates on, as well as random musings from me.

Soundcloud I am using to repost music New Jersey artists have posted on Soundcloud. So if you want another source to hear some great original indie music from the Garden State, check it out. And if you are making that music, make sure you tell me so I can follow and repost your music.


So much behind the scenes work happening for the 16th annual Banding Together benefit webathon for the Spondylitis Association Of America.

While things always change between now and the benefit happening October 13th-15th on, I am proud to say that as of this writing we have 37 artists planning to perform during the webathon and 43 artists planning to contribute a previously unreleased song to the compilation that you can get by donating to the Spondylitis Association Of America during the webathon.

Who are all those artists? I hope to be able to announce them real soon.

In the meantime, if anyone is interested, there is still room, just e-mail me.

And, this year's Banding Together compilation will feature artwork from local artist Jenny Jaybles. I am a great fan of her work, and am honored that she is allowing us to use her work as the album cover. It will be a few weeks, at least, until we release the cover artwork, but you can check out her artwork, and order prints (I own two myself) here:



This week on Presents New NJ Music we have new music from:

The Funky JC's - "Jersey City" from "Greetings From The Funky JC's"
Samuel Vincent - "Wretched Renaissance" from "Wretched Renaissance [single]"
A Ghostly Heart - "The Only Way Out Is Through" from "A Ghostly Heart"
Lost Romance - "Limousine" from "Limousine [single]"
Joe P - "Don't Wanna Love U" from "Don't Wanna Love U [single]"
The Martyr - "Jackrabbit" from "Jackrabbit [single]"
BreakTime - "Dandelion" from "Specials"
Quality Living - "Summatime" from "Summatime [single]"
Pat XY - "To Let You Go" from "To Let You Go [single]"
Latewaves - "Italian Smokes" from "Italian Smokes [single]"
Kathleen Elle - "One Stop Shop" from "One Stop Shop [single]"
Sonic Blume - "Rocky & I" from "Rocky & I [single]"
BYRH - "Fiddle Crisps" from "Fiddle Crisps [single]" Presents New NJ Music airs Monday @ 7pm ET

Listen here:

See playlist (with links to all the acts) here:


This week on Lazlo's Den Presents New Music we have new music from:

Ratboys - "Morning Zoo" from "The Window"
The Drums - "Obvious" from "Jonny"
SUSTO - "Cowboys" from "My Entire Life"
Velvet Insane - "Jemmy" from "High Heeled Monster"
Be Your Own Pet - "Big Trouble" from "Mommy"
Worry Club - "Sucker Punch" from "All Frogs Go To Heaven"
John Popper & Jono Manson - "Cabin Fever" from "Bootlegger Days!!"
Kathy Kallick - "It's Lonesome Everywhere I Go" from "The Lonesome Chronicles"
Lonely Lost Boy - "Walking Man" from "Walking Man [single]"
Jeff Plankenhorn - "Alone At Sea" from "Alone At Sea"
Sadie Jean - "16" from "16 [single]"
The Bones of J.R. Jones - "The Good Life" from "Slow Lightning"
Two-Man Giant Squid - "Progress" from "Intro To Basement"
Allah-Las - "Sky Club" from "Zuma 85"
Nightly - "The Feeling" from "Wear Your Heart Out"
Teenage Wrist - "Wax Poetic" from "Still Love"

Lazlo's Den Presents New Music airs Tuesday @ 7pm

Listen here:

See playlist (with links to all the acts) here:



That's all for this week folks.


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