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Tuesday @ 7pm ET - Lazlo's Den Presents New Music

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This Monday (5/22) will feature: Indeyevid, Allison Strong, The Cucumbers


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Lazlo's Corner

I rarely talk about my personal life here, mostly because I don't usually like talking about myself, and I don't think people really care about my life. When I do, it is usually a brief explanation of why I have had to cut back on some things, or are slow to answer e-mails.

But, I have been talking to a few people in a similar situation and I think we find comfort in knowing we are all dealing with trials and tribulations in life.

As many of you are aware my wife suffers from Ankylosing Spondylitis (it is why we do the Banding Together benefit every October). Having a rheumatoid arthritis condition means she is always in some amount of pain, even on good days, but on bad days she could wind up in the emergency room, or just remain in dire pain at home because the emergency rooms are not always helpful (even after all these years some doctors do not understand spondylitis, and don't seem to want to).

Then several years ago my mother in law starting developing Alzheimer's & Dementia and moved in with us. Over the years her condition has worsened, which means one of us is always with her, taking care of her.

Both of them are immunocompromised, and despite "the pandemic being over", it really isn't. Covid-19 is still out there causing serious problems, so we are erring on the side of safety.

To say my life has been weird for a while now is an understatement.

Some days are massively challenging, and things feel overwhelming.

Even on a good day, it is still stressful.

But, not everything is doom and gloom.

This situation has changed me as a person, probably for the better.

I think I have become better at putting their needs ahead of my own, while still knowing I need some time to destress, and finding ways to do that (exercising, listening to good music, etc.)

That doesn't mean I don't get exasperated at times and have moments of frustration.

Buy I try to focus on the good moments, making my wife happy by doing something, and I can see her try to smile on a bad day while still in pain, or making my mother in law laugh, and seeing her happy.

I thrive on those moments, and try not to dwell on all the negative ones.

So if you are going through some tough times, be it something similar, or a completely different, but equally trying, situation, remember you are not alone. Talk to someone, it helps. If you feel you have no one, e-mail me your story. I'll listen.

And try to focus on the good moments, even in the worst of times, they are there if you look.



This week on Presents New NJ Music we have new music from:

RGD - "Turn On/Off" from "Turn On/Off [single]"
Without Peace - "Nothings Changed" from "Nothings Changed [single]"
Indeyevid - "Cold Shoulder" from "Biting The Fork"
Allison Strong - "Trial And Error" from "Bronte"
Joey Biondi - "Versions Of You" from "Versions Of You [single]"
Pillowinde - "froggy" from "Jets to Brunswick"
The Cucumbers - "Gotta Start Somewhere" from "Old Shoes"
Cranston Dean - "Northern Town" from "Northern Town"
The NEW Bardots - "Thrill of the Night" from "Kryp II Knight Volume IV"
The Williamsboy - "Bad Motherfucker" from "Coming Home"
Will Wiggins - "Unloved" from "Painting a Song: Season 3, Volume 3"
Lovegood - "Crease" from "Crease [single]"
Tangerine Scott - "Time Traveling" from "Portrait of a future ancestor"
Waiting On Mongo - "Soul Libation (Live)" from "2022.05.29 Asbury Park, NJ" Presents New NJ Music airs Monday @ 7pm ET

Listen here:

See playlist (with links to all the acts) here:


This week on Lazlo's Den Presents New Music we have new music from:

Sydney Sprague - "smiley face" from "smiley face [single]"
dayaway - "i wish" from "blue summer moon"
Genesis Owusu - "Leaving The Light" from "Struggler"
Joan Jett and the Blackhearts - "Whiskey Goes Good" from "Mindsets"
Phoebe Hunt - "Life and Liberty" from "When My Momma Sang To Me - Songs of Murphy Hicks Henry"
The Milk Carton Kids - "When You're Gone" from "I Only See The Moon"
The Drums - "Plastic Envelope" from "Plastic Envelope [single]"
Gnawing - "Off Screen Death" from "Modern Survival Techniques"
Big Loser - "Logistics" from "Left on Delmar Drive"
Raye Zaragoza - "Joy Revolution ft. MILCK" from "Hold That Spirit"
Kris Gruen x Kendall Jane Meade - "Heaven On A Car Ride" from "Heaven On A Car Ride [single]"
Mariel - "Come Alive" from "Silk"
GracieHorse - "Backup Slowly" from "L.A. Shit"
Vanity Mirror - "A Fool with an Applecart" from "PUFF"
Marc Jonson & Ramirez Exposure - "Night Full Of Dreams" from "Turning On The Century Vol. 2 (Happy Sparrow)"

Lazlo's Den Presents New Music airs Tuesday @ 7pm

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See playlist (with links to all the acts) here:



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