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Thank you for listening to, and donating, during Giving a Second Chance: a Benefit for National Foundation for Transplants!

You can still donate to National Foundation for Transplants & download the 42 song compilation:


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Thursday @ 7pm ET - Guitar Pull (3 songwriters sharing songs & stories) w/ Andy Napolitano (The Mighty Alrighty), John Gallagher (Commons 2), Happy Joe Canzano

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MUSIC VIDEO: Bobby Mahoney and the Seventh Son - "Moth to the Flame" (NJ)

MUSIC VIDEO: Ferocious Designs - "Domination (feat. Christian Beach & Tariq Mohammed)" (NJ)


Lazlo's Corner

This week I turn over my corner to friend Dw. Dunphy who is working on a benefit compilation


About The Light Between: Songs of Hope and Mercy

A collection of songs to raise funds for St. Jude Children’s Hospital

Let’s be honest. This is not a message from a team of public relations folks, so if the text that follows reads as a bit unpolished, that’s fine. My name is Dw. Dunphy and I am putting together a project I’d like to tell you about.

I’m putting together a compilation, a fundraiser for St. Jude Children’s Hospital. It will be a collection of songs with what I think is an important theme right now. The collection is called The Light Between: Songs of Hope and Mercy. The unspoken subtitle is “Modern Secular Hymns.” What does that mean, actually? Think of George Harrison’s “What Is Life?” or even John Lennon’s “Imagine” and that’s kind of the ballpark.

Why am I doing this? We are better when we work together, when we are steering toward something we know is well and truly good, setting aside our own specific faiths, political leanings, etc. And I believe St. Jude is one of the more worthy charities out there, so that’s a good recipient in my eyes. More than anything else, I think we have an opportunity to pull together a collection of songs that indeed exemplify ideas of hope, with a merciful, forgiving nature about them. This is a chance to make a collection people can go to again and again when they need a lift, or want to break up whatever gloom they might be feeling at the moment. I don’t know about you, but I certainly feel that way myself.

Now, here’s where the big ask comes in. (Hey, stop staring at my big ask.) Would you consider joining us and contributing a track to the collection? You can intuit the type of songs we’re asking for, but you might also ask how involved this might be? Know that I see you, and I understand that as musicians you have been hindered by the last two years of little to no shows. Asking you to contribute a song in this climate is no small thing.

The idea is that we run the collection on Bandcamp with exclusivity for six months. After that period – and hopefully after many people have bought the set and the money has gone to St. Jude – the collection goes offline. You have full access to your contribution without conflict. I would like to have final tracks in hand by mid-May. (If you want to contribute a pre-existing track, that’s fine as well.) I want to launch the collection in August, a month that is not complicated by holiday costs, etc. Again, I expect sales might be frontloaded and am working with that in mind. Come February 2023, we wind the set down.

I ask that you consider the mid-May deadline when you decide. I want to be certain we hit that deadline so I can promote this properly. Knowing who has submitted the work and is ready to roll is a huge part of making this successful.

The last ask is that if you choose to jump on, please help us let others know this is coming, when it is finally here, and what it’s larger purpose and beneficiaries are. If you think you’d like to contribute, let me know. Shoot me a message at

If you have, over the past couple of years, wondered to yourself if there was room for hope and mercy right now – that’s how I’ve felt quite often – I encourage you to help me do this and show we can make a difference somehow. Thank you for your time.

Dw. Dunphy

P.S. “The Light Between” plays off of a Leonard Cohen lyric: “There are cracks in everything. That’s how the light gets through.”



This week on Presents New NJ Music we have new music from:

Troll Teeth - "Gallows on the Playground" from "Hanged, Drawn, & Quartered"
Vakili Band - "Rachel" from "Walking Sideways"
Out Of Service - "A Moment Tapped In Time (Feat. Emery)" from "The Ground Beneath Me"
Blue Vervain - "Seasons" from "Seasons [EP]"
Nick and the Leg-Heavy Boys - "Nineteen" from "Hey There Stranger!"
beige monk - "arms & legs" from "our lady of sandy hook"
The Maravines - "Oh" from "BlowUpRadio Webathon"
Pete Jager - "Good To Be Here" from "Acoustic 2022"
Pat Veil - "Dead Car" from "Live and Alone"
veterinarian declan - "win" from "demo 2"
Meteor Police - "Odd Construct" from "Odd Construct [single]"
Painters - "Fucked In The Head" from "Painters"
Gin War - "Diamond Ring" from "Diamond Ring [single]"
Tough Honey - "Jackie Carolina" from "Painting a Song: Season 2, Volume 2"
The Warhawks - "Reruns" from "This Ain't Art [EP]" Presents New NJ Music airs Monday @ 7pm

Listen here:

See playlist (with links to all the acts) here:


This week on Lazlo's Den Presents New Music we have new music from:

The Dream Syndicate - "Where I'll Stand" from "Ultraviolet Battle Hymns and True Confessions"
Tummyache - "Teeth" from "Teeth [single]"
The Drowns - "Live Like Yer Dyin" from "Lunatics"
Band of Horses - "Crutch" from "Things Are Great"
Themthatknow - "St. Virginia" from "The Egocentric Universe [EP]"
Ambler - "Time to go" from "Painting a Song: Season 2, Volume 2"
Duke Robillard - "No Good Lover" from "They Called It Rhythm & Blues"
Ann Beretta - "Untouchable" from "Rise"
Mitski - "Should've Been Me" from Laurel Hell"
Jeremy Ivey - "Silence And Sorrow" from "invisible Pictures"
Madi Diaz - "Resentment (New Feelings Version)" from "Same history, New Feelings [EP]"
Eddie Vedder - "Picture" from "Earthling"
Mapache - "I Love My Dog" from "I Love My Dog [single]"
The Slackers - "Don't Let The Sunlight Fool Ya" from "Don't Let The Sunlight Fool Ya [single]"
The Mananas - "Mirror Mirror" from "Mirror Mirror [single]"

Lazlo's Den Presents New Music airs Tuesday @ 7pm

Listen here:

See playlist (with links to all the acts) here:



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