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Lazlo's Corner

I watched the new Woodstock 99 documentary yesterday on HBO/HBOMax, and my brain is still full of so many feelings... mostly anger and frustration.

Below I am going to try to gather some of my myriad of thoughts, but I apologize in advance if this ends up more rambling than usual.

There is a reason I have never gone to a huge festival of that scale, and boy does this doc lay out all the reasons why, but all of them boil down to one word... safety.

At a show of that size, it is so easy to get lost, and crushed in a crowd. Of course it is easy to get crushed in a crowd at even a small show... I will never forget being at the Birch Hill a long time ago when my then girlfriend wanted to see Extreme. She wanted to be up near the front in the overpacked club, and the second the show started the floor became one giant mosh pit (I know, who moshes at an Extreme show... the band best known for the ballad More Than Words... it was the 90's and aggro males moshed at every show, & unlike a punk mosh pit, they didn't care for anyone's safety). I tried to get my girlfriend out of there, security saw us struggling and just laughed. We eventually managed to get to a safer area. And for those wondering, the show was terrible.

$4 for a bottle of water has been the standard at venues big and small (& movie theaters) for some time now. That doesn't make it right. And at a festival of this size, they should make sure that free, safe to drink water, is readily available. I can't even count the number of times I have seen people close to, or actually pass out at a crowded concert on a hot day. I remember being at the Warped Tour, maybe a decade ago, and someone started vomiting and then passed out on the concrete parking lot. People were just walking around him as if it was ok that someone passed out on the ground. I found a security guard who, unlike the Birch Hill ones, actually did help the passed out individual.

Look out for one another at a concert, big or small. If you see someone who looks like they may need help, ask. And for fuck's sake, if you see some aggro male trying to grope women, do something to stop them.

Which leads me to the most frustrating/anger inducing thing in this documentary to me is promoter John Scher. Everything he says is trying to lay the blame on everyone but himself. The worst is when he says there were only 10 sexual assaults reported at Woodstock 99 and blames women for walking around topless.

First off, ANY sexual assaults are too many, and while there may have only been 10 reported to the police that weekend, there are alleged to have been hundreds of cases.

Walking around topless is not an invitation to be groped, and saying it is, is part of the problem.

Speaking of problems, interviewing Moby, and trying to make him one of the moral compasses of this documentary, talking about men doing bad things at the festival... um, Google "Moby touch knob" or "Moby Natalie Portman", and then get back to me on whether or not he should be interviewed about morality.

I could go on and on about all the other things in this documentary, which I do recommend people watch, if for no other reason than we learn from it.

Concerts are slowly working their way back (though with Covid cases on the rise, hard to say for how much longer.... if you haven't gotten vaccinated, please do so ASAP). Whether it is a huge festival, or a small basement show, lets make sure we make them all safe spaces for everyone. No one should be assaulted at a concert. No one should end up in a hospital because of a concert... or worse, dead.

If you become aware of a venue that is unsafe make sure everyone knows.

Concerts are supposed to be fun for everyone. Let's make sure it is.



This week on Presents New NJ Music we have new music from:

LKFFCT - "Space Abound" from "Space Abound [single]"
Dread Eyes - "Hidden Scars" from "Dread Eyes"
the dt's - "You With Me" from "You With Me [single]"
AFTYN - "Ebb & Flow" from "Wherever I Am, There You Are"
Hello Whirled - "Shaking" from "For Ages, For A Minute"
Old Smile - "Lost In Your Vision" from "Four"
Troll Teeth - "Barbs On A Wire" from "Split EP"
Steve Bello - "Never Be The Sane" from "Mood Swings"
Man Destroyed Man - "Fantastic Fiction" from "They Lied / Fantastic Fiction"
Bud Lotus - "I Am Alive Today" from "Honey and Bones"
Elementality - "Join The Battle" from "Origins"
Ill-Advised - "Summer Shade" from "Summer Shade [single]"
Rob Lives - "I'm Just Sittin'" from "I'm Just Sittin' [single]"
Big Rips - "Everything Has Sucked Lately" from "Everything Has Sucked Lately [single]"
Driving Underwater - "Papers Please [Think Machine cover]" from "Driving Underwater vs. Think Machine: The Showdown of the Century" Presents New NJ Music airs Monday @ 7pm

Listen here:

See playlist (with links to all the acts) here:


This week on Lazlo's Den Presents New Music we have new music from:

Neil Howell - "Interrupted" from "Compulsion"
The Linda Lindas - "Oh!" from "Oh! [single]"
Descendents - "Tired Of Being Tired" from "9th & Walnut"
Olivia Kaplan - "Seen By You" from "Tonight Turns to Nothing"
Andy Falco - "The Will Of The Way" from "The Will Of The Way"
Jackson Browne - "Until Justice is Real" from "Downhill From Everywhere"
Andy's Mints - "(I Wanna Live in a) Comedy" from "Painting a Song: Volume 25"
Swerve - "Maybe I Didn't Do That" from "Ruin Your Day"
Project 432 - "Take Time" from "take Time [single]"
Think Machine - "Happier (Driving Underwater cover)" from "The Showdown of the Century: Driving Underwater VS Think Machine"
We Are Scientists - "Contact High" from "Huffy"
The Bots - "Girl Problems" from "2 Seater"
Michael Cormier - "Control" from "More Light!!"
Shannon & The Clams - "Midnight Wine" from "Year Of The Spider"
Gold Record - "Defend Your Love" from "Tranquilizer"

Lazlo's Den Presents New Music airs Tuesday @ 7pm

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