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Hi Everyone,

The next Guitar Pull @ Espresso Joe's is Saturday March 14th (Pi day! (3.14))

It will feature Motherface, Sonofdov, & Tony Tedesco

The acoustic opener will be Katye Kellye & The Interruption

The show starts at 7pm.

Espresso Joe's is located at 50 West Front Street, in Keyport, NJ.

In addition to an array of beverages & baked good, Espresso Joe's owner is an amazing chef so you can grab dinner while you enjoy the show. And for those with dietary restrictions, there are many vegan & gluten free options.

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Lazlo will be broadcasting live with the following special programming:

Monday @ 7pm - Presents New NJ Music

Tuesday @ 7pm - Lazlo's Den Presents New Music

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MUSIC VIDEO: Diego Allessandro - "Long For You" (NJ)


Lazlo's Corner

I am writing this column on a sunny Sunday afternoon. It is over 50 degrees today, what would normally be considered unseasonable weather for mid-February, but we have had an unseasonable weather kind of year.

This sun and warmth makes me pine for a good outdoor festival. I have often said New Jersey needs a big local music fest, with multiple stages, lots of food, rides & games, and an arts walk area. I've seen many of these components different places, maybe even altogether on a small scale, but wouldn't it be nice to do this on a large scale?

Unfortunately, the problem isn't finding a way to put something like this together, with a skilled team it could be done... maybe not easily, but it wouldn't be reinventing the wheel either.

No, the sad state of affairs is it is difficult to get a handful of people to come out to a venue to see a show. If one were to work on something of this scale, it would need a huge crowd of people to show up to make it a success. I've spent over 19 years trying to figure out that secret formula of getting people to support the local original music scene, and while not a complete failure, I've been aware for quite a long time that I may never grasp that secret formula... it may not even exist.

But, I am not giving up. I continue to do and trying to figure out how to bring the local original music scene to a larger audience. Because I would still love to work with people to put together a huge local music festival and make it a success



This week on Presents New NJ Music we have new music from:

Dinosaur Eyelids - "Never Leaving Here" from "Sticker Famous"
Brian Mietz - "Glue" from "Panzarotti"
Dave Mooney & Viewers Like You - "The Way Out" from "Press Start"
Andrew Dunn - "This Is My Husband's Car" from "The House Above The Factory"
Chrissy Roberts - "Rebound" from "Songs On The Fire Escape"
gold news - "State Line" from "Good Different"
Charles Only - "Bet Ya" from "One Eighty Three"
Forget The Whale - "Halfway Home" from "Take To The Skies!"
Bryan Hansen Band - "Untitled #3" from "Gas Money"
Boyfriends - "Flight of the Seagull" from "Young Uncles"
Laree Cisco - "Those Were The Days" from "FAWM 2020"
The Williamsboy - "Goodbye" from "then & Now"
Hell Planet - "Fuck" from "Golden Teacher / Fuck"
Dustin James - "Oppenheimer’s Burden" from "Pissant E.P." Presents New NJ Music airs Monday @ 7pm

Listen here:

See playlist (with links to all the acts) here:


This week on Lazlo's Den Presents New Music we have new music from:

Best Coast - "Different Light" from "Always Tomorrow"
Pearl Jam - "Superblood Wolfmoon" from "Gigaton"
Guilty Giraffe - "Xanax" from "Guilty Giraffe"
The Fisherman & The Sea - "The Ceiling (acoustic bedroom demo)" from "The Ceiling (acoustic bedroom demo) [single]"
Greg Dulli - "The Tide" from "Random Desire"
Murzik - "First Love Song" from "Who Is Gone"
Wildlife - "Broken Magic" from "Take The Light With You"
U.S. Girls - "4 American Dollars" from "Heavy Light"
Awolnation - "Mayday!!! Disco Fiesta (feat. Alex Ebert)" from "Angel Miners And The Lightning Riders"
Nathaniel Rateliff - "You Need Me" from "And It's Still Alright"
Jason Lee McKinney Band - "New Strings On An Old Guitar" from "Pieces"
Ben Reel - "All In Good Time" from "The Nashville Calling"
Son Little - "Never Give Up" from "Aloha"
Tinsley Ellis - "No Stroll In The Park" from "Ice Cream In Hell"

Lazlo's Den Presents New Music airs Tuesday @ 7pm

Listen here:

See playlist (with links to all the acts) here:



That's all for this week folks.