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Newsletter 9/25/18

Hi Everyone,

Banding Together, our annual benefits for the Spondylitis Association Of America are back!

Friday October 12 at The Clash Bar (Clifton) - Evil Annie & The Ants, Jenny & The Felines, Lion-Hearted, Match Party

Saturday October 13 at Espresso Joe’s (Keyport) - Deirdre Forrest, Drive Kid, Frank Patrouch, Hal Guitarist, Jersey Drive, Joe Schroeck, John Van Ness & Tauree, Joshua Bicknell, Rhonette Smith, Tony Tedesco

Benefit Webathon (Internet broadcast on - Friday October 19 through Sunday October 21

Friday October 19 - Brian Rothenbeck, Dave Vargo, DDA, Diego Allessandro, Ernston, Jenny Cat, Jerry Lardieri (Brixton Riot), Laree Cisco, Marc Gambino (Lion-Hearted), Mike Ferraro, Sean Faust, Shotgun Bill

Saturday October 20 - Amanda Duncan, Anthony Walker, Don Lee, Hal Guitarist, Happy Joe Canzano, Joe Billy, Joshua Van Ness, Keith Beck's Zigman Bird, Keith Monacchio, Mick Chorba (Successful Failures), Rick Dill, The Williamsboy, Thomas Johnston

Sunday October 21 - Amanda Rose Riley, Deena & Jon (The Cucumbers), J Orellana (erase:rewind), Jeff Devito (Particle Zoo), Jim Testa, Jonathan Andrew, Kim Boyko, Michael Scotto, Old Currents, Ruby Bones, Sonofdov, The Mighty Alrighty, Ziggy Grover

Friday November 9 at Brighton Bar (Long Branch)- Jon Caspi & The First Gun ft. Dez Cadena, Mazeffect (reunion show - first show in 10 years), Puppyboy, The Extras Inc., Radiator King

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2018 Banding Together digital compilation will include previously unreleased songs from: A Halo Called Fred, Afloat, Beth Wimmer, Bil Brixton, Brian Rothenbeck and The Adventuring Party, Catherine Wacha, Christian Beach, Colie Brice III, D. Smith, Deena, Diego Allessandro, Dw. Dunphy, erase:rewind, Fuhgawee Hunting Club, Happy Joe, Jersey Drive, Joshua Bicknell, Meeko Brando, Mike Ferraro, motherface, Old Smile, Out Of Service, Particle Zoo, Rabbit Velvet, Shotgun Bill, Sonofdov, Tauree, The Fisherman & The Sea, The Subteraneans, The Wag, The WIlliamsboy, Tony Tedesco & Full Fathom 5, Tura Lura, Wiser Time, Ziggy Grover.

Full track listing & pre-order at


Monday through Thursday Lazlo will be broadcasting live with the following special programming:

Monday @ 7pm - Presents New NJ Music

Tuesday @ 7pm - Lazlo's Den Presents New Music

Wednesday @ 7pm - Banding Together Flashback (Live sets from previous Banding Together Benefits): Jonathan Andrew (2010), Renee Maskin (from Lowlight) (2015)

Thursday @ 7pm - Banding Together Flashback (Live sets from previous Banding Together Benefits): Mark Parker (2010), Sonofdov (2015)

(Musicians: remember to e-mail us about your upcoming NJ area shows so we can post them on our site & mention them on our's Is It The Weekend Yet?)

Listen here:


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MUSIC VIDEO: Louvena The Scout - "It Wouldn't Have Worked Anyway" (NJ)
MUSIC VIDEO: Sean Kiely - "It Sure Was Good" (NJ)
MUSIC VIDEO: Sonofdov - "Warning Lights" (NJ)


Rock Against Hate Volume 2 is now available!

Please go to now to find out more about this 24 song compilation, and to make a $10 (or more) donation to Planned Parenthood or The Trevor Project, to download the album.


Lazlo's Corner

I should be talking about Banding Together benefits for Spondylitis Association Of America, and the amazing media attention we are getting:

New Jersey Stage:

The Aquarian:

But, I want to spend the bulk of this column talking about something that happened this week while flipping thru the radio dial.

I heard a station boast they DON'T play new music, so every song you hear is one you know.

I was so horrified by that statement that I immediately changed the station, even though they started plying a song I liked.

Nostalgia is a powerful feeling, and I know how great it can be to hear a song you know and love, or even to think about a song you know and love... The other day I was walking in front of a cemetery, and Inxs's "Never Tear Us Apart" immediately started running through my head, and I found myself smiling as I was walking by the cemetery like Michael Hutchence, imaginging saxophonist Kirk Pengilly standing there playing the solo from the song.

But nostalgia is only powerful because the initial love of the song is there from the first time I heard "Never Tear Us Apart" some thirty years ago. If I never experienced the initial joy of that song, and the accompanying music video, I would have felt nothing walking by that cemetery.

It is why I am so adamant about always discovering new music, that feeling of euphoria of hearing something amazing, a song you know you'll still be thinking about 30 years from now, it is more powerful than nostalgia, and fosters what will be that nostalgic feeling in the future.

It's no secret I am in my 40's, and I talk to non-musicians around my age all the time who say cliches like, "music today isn't as good as it was when we were growing up", and I remind them their parents & grandparents said the same thing about the music we grew up with. And they usually say, "but it's true of our generation."


You may not like a lot of the popular new music on commercial radio, but there is plenty of amazing new music out there, you just need to seek it out. And with so many ways to seek out new music now, that didn't exist twenty, thirty years ago, you don't have to rely on just waiting for a radio station to play something new.

To those that will ask, "Is it really worth having to seek out new music?", the answer is "Hell Yes!" Think back to that feeling when you discovered your favorite song, and realize that regardless of how old you may be, you can discover a new favorite song and get that feeling all over again.

But if you don't want to have to do all the work yourself, a good start could be's New Music shows on Mondays & Tuesdays at 7pm ET.



This week on Presents New NJ Music we have new music from:

Above The Moon - "This Worry" from "This Worry [single]"
Screaming Females - "Black Moon" from "All At Once"
State Of Mind - "Proverbial Credence" from "State Of Mind"
Elbowache - "Breakup Song" from "Zero Fantasy"
Curtis Campbell - "Losing Control" from "Soulus"
Jon Cozz - "Braincation" from "Braincation [single]"
Louvena The Scout - "It's Hard To Sleep In A Messy Bedroom" from "Spinal Cord"
Dave Gunderson - "Take Me Off To The Light" from "By The Light Of The Moon"
Laree Cisco - "Silly Games" from "The Motown Chronicles Volume 1"
Brain Flower - "Seeking Guidance" from "Seeking Guidance [single]"
Denim Mob - "Dive (Demo)" from "Demos"
Danny Carlson - "Now I Found You" from "I Think I Would Be A Good Creator For A Tony Hawk Game EP"
Project Atlantic - "Moving On" from "Moving On - EP"
Hello Whirled - "Our Own Black Hole" from "Equinox"
Lost Culture - "Purple Waves" from "Lost Culture" Presents New NJ Music airs Monday @ 7pm

Listen here:

See playlist (with links to all the acts) here:


This week on Lazlo's Den Presents New Music we have new music from:

Rare Americans - "Fuck You World" from "Rare Americans"
Fucked Up - "Raise Your Voice Joyce" from "Dose Your Dreams"
Nashville Pussy - "Testify" from "Pleased To Eat You"
Big Data - "Monster" from "Monster [single]"
Future Generations - "Landscape" from "Landscape"
Saintseneca - "Denarius" from "Pillar Of Na"
Richard Thompson - "Bones Of Gilead" from "13 Rivers"
Carl Broemel - "Dark Matter" from "Wished Out"
Wood Madison - "Be Here Now" from "The Colors Of Tea"
Doe Paoro - "Cage Of Habits" from "Cage Of Habits [single]"
Jordan Lovelis - "Adelina" from "Midnight Dream"
Marc Ribot - "Ain't Gonna Let Them Turn Us Round (feat. Steve Earle & Tift Merritt)" from "Songs Of Resistance - 1942-2018"
Lyrics Born - "Same But Different (featuring Arleigh Kinchoe of Sister Sparrow & The Dirty Birds)" from "Quite A Life"
D.Smith - "Well-Enough" from "The Tallahassee Night Train EP"
Howard - "Morthers Wedding" from "Together Alone"

Lazlo's Den Presents New Music airs Tuesday @ 7pm

Listen here:

See playlist (with links to all the acts) here:



That's all for this week folks.