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Newsletter 6/12/17

Hi Everyone,

Thanks to everyone who came out to the Guitar Pull at Espresso Joe's this past Saturday, and special thanks to Alana Q (Evil Annie), Paul Rosevear, David Wilson, and Casino Sundae!

The next Guitar Pull at Espresso Joe's is Saturday, July 8th

Jon Caspi
Jeff Schroeck (Black Wine, The Ergs)

with opening acoustic set from September's Ghost

The show is free, all ages, and starts at 7pm sharp.

Espresso Joe's is at 50 West Front Street, in Keyport, NJ.


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Lazlo's Corner

So much going on my life lately. I won't bore you with all the ups and downs of my personal life, but one thing I am trying o do is declutter.

Anyone who has seen the inside of "Lazlo's Den" knows that I am surrounded by CDs, an ever growing stockpile of CDs has threatened to overtake this studio.

I am actually rather thankful most submissions have gone digital, because there is only so much room in here.

Which is why I have decided to go through my non-NJ music collection and try to whittle down my collection.

Don't worry, I have already concerted everything to a high quality MP3 (the format needed for broadcast on my station), so even though I am ridding myself of some CDs, I will still have the music...even if it is some cases some awful music.

But many of these CDs have stories behind them.

For instance, I am getting rid of all my radio promo singles, remnants of my days in commercial radio. But each one is a memory of my time there, the good and the bad.

What do I mean by the bad? Well I found some Creed singles. I used to point to them being in my collection as the contrast to remind me the difference between good and bad music.

I also have a Nickleback CD, that was given to me by a friend as a prank. He worked at a CD store some years ago and snuck it into my bag with the CDs I had actually purchased. Imagine my surprise when I got home and found a Nickleback live EP in my bag. Well played my friend (who may be reading this right now). I've never listened to it, but yes, I do have the MP3s in my archive, and can still point to them and Creed as definitions of bad music.

So many CDs in my collection have stories behind them.

The Robert Bradley's Blackwater Surprise CD that for months I thought had been stolen, only to find someone (possibly me) put it back in the wrong place.

The G Love album my then girlfriend, now wife, heard me mention once and went out and bought for me.

Pearl Jam's "Vs." album, which I bought the day it came out and had a long conversation in the college cafeteria with others who had just bought it, that was interrupted by a woman (who I later found out had told other people we were dating, though I never spent any time alone with her) interject that Pearl Jam was great, but Michael Bolton was better (that right there was a good reason not to spend any time with her).

Those last three albums, I am keeping, but there are many that I just don't listen to enough, or got during my commercial radio days and never really liked, that will likely be donated to charity.

But this ongoing decluttering reminded me how important music is not just to listen to but also for maintaining memories.

btw - if you are a fan of Creed, Nickleback, or Michael Bolton, don't be offended I don't care for them. Among the albums I am keeping are Spice Girls (their music makes me laugh), Debbie Gibson (there was a time when I was a huge fan growing up, and the nostalgia value is still there), and Hanson (I pity the fool that can't enjoy "mmm bop" for the fun pop song it is).



This week on Presents New NJ Music we have new music from:

1. Matt Scuteri - "Who's That Pretty Face" from "Who's That Pretty Face (single)"
2. Christopher Daydreamer - "Julie" from "Other covers & singles!"
3. Stepmother Zoo - "Shake" from "Malarkey"
4. Lion-Hearted - "Different Altitudes" from "SP2: "Roar The Loudest!" (The Sequel)"
5. Breaking Tradition - "Stick With Jackie, Michael Kelso" from "Something I Learned From You"
6. Elbowache - "Marching Orders" from "Apocalyptic Spring"
7. Blind Lion - "Spring" from "Spring"
8. Quality Living - "Oh No" from "Oh no [single]"
9. The Lo-Fi's - "Tripped" from "Tripped On a Curb"
10. Casanovacaine - "Shiver" from "Shiner"
11. American Weird Beers - "Floral Headband" from "Wavy!"
12. Shark Club - "Underpass (Undermine)" from "Nowadays + Shark Club - Split"
13. Ike's Dark Days - "The March Of John Brown" from "Time Ticks Away"
14. Nowadays - "What's Next, Barry Manilow at the New York Stock Exchange?" from "Nowadays + Shark Club - Split"
15. stevesquared. - "MaSk" from "MaSk"
16. hyperturf - "Say Something" from "Naturally" Presents New NJ Music airs Mondays @ 8pm

Listen here:

See playlist (with links to all the acts) here:


This week on Lazlo's Den Presents New Music Week we have new music from:

1. Trapper Schoepp - "Zippin Pippin" from "bay Beach Amusement Park"
2. Smile Factory - "Man In A Minute" from "The Co-Op Communique Volume Three"
3. Sera Cahoone - "Time To Give" from "From Where I Started"
4. Demure For Sure - "Coconut, Rum and Banana" from "Tie-Dye Shadows"
5. The Solars - "Potter's Field / Dockery" from "Retitled Remastered"
6. Beta Days - "Settled For Gold" from "S.T.T."
7. Dan Auerbach - "Waiting On A Song" from "Waiting On A Song"
8. Los Angeles Police Department - "The Plane" from "Los Angeles Police Department"
9. Prism Tats - "Apples" from "The Liar [single]"
10. Def!cit - "Nightime" from "Nightime"
11. JC Brooks - "Get Gone" from "The Neon Jungle"
12. Jeff Taylor - "Song In Texas" from "Willow, Texas 7""
13. Edward Herda - "Jack's Draw" from "Goodnight Jaybird"
14. Drew Holcomb & The Neighbors - "Wild World" from "Souvenir"

Lazlo's Den Presents New Music airs Tuesdays @ 8pm

Listen here:

See playlist (with links to all the acts) here:



That's all for this week folks.