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Newsletter 4/3/17

Hi Everyone,

The next Guitar Pull at Espresso Joe's is this Saturday, April 8th!

Pete Jager (The Extras, Inc.)
Just Some Punk(s)
Tris McCall

with opening acoustic set from The 65's

The show is free, all ages, and starts at 7pm sharp.

Espresso Joe's is at 50 West Front Street, in Keyport, NJ.


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Monday through Thursday Lazlo will be broadcasting live beginning at 7pm, with the following special programming:

Monday @ 8pm - Presents New NJ Music

Tuesday @ 8pm - Lazlo's Den Presents New Music

Wednesday @ 7pm - Wednesday Free-For-All

Thursday @ 8pm - Concert Preview Show

(Musicians: remember to e-mail us about your upcoming NJ area shows so we can post them on our site & mention them on our Concert Preview Show)

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Lazlo's Corner

Seasonal allergies are still affecting me, but getting to broadcast live for you Monday through Thursday evening is among the greatest (temporary) cures in the world!

It is so great to see so many people listening when I'm broadcasting live, helping to spread good music to more and more people. And this week, I did a special surprise bonus New NJ Music Show on Friday night. Much to my surprise, many people listened to even a Friday night show (when I assumed most people had better things to do). So if I find myself home on another Friday night, who knows, I may just decide to broadcast live again.

Here is what I played on Friday, March 31st's bonus New NJ Music Show

1. Will Wood and the Tapeworms - "Cotard's Solution (Anatta/Dukkha/Anicca)" from "Self-ish"
2. Seaside Caves - "Kim Fowley Is Dead" from "Powerbunny 4x4 Singles Club - Vol. II"
3. dookieshecky - "Boots and Cats" from "Dane the Bum"
4. Hot Gospel - "Thanks For The Blood" from "Thanks For The Blood"
5. Petal Aggression - "Simmering" from "THIS ALBUM DOES NOT EXIST"
6. Matt Morgan - "Lung Cancer" from "Heaven or Hell?"
7. Plainfield Slim - "I Found A Woman" from "Bongo Boy Records Backroom Blues Volume Five"
8. Senorsentor - "bicycles" from "bangor"
9. Shabazz Talib - "Good A$$ Ending" from "Undergrad"
10. The Rareflowers - "New Generation" from "New Generation"
11. The College Try - "Playng Drty" from "Playng Drty"
12. Wig Drop - "Little Sister Drives" from "Wig Drop 2"
13. The_Company - "Potential Energy" from "Potential Energy"
14. The Dirty Bohemians - "Coal Mining Funk" from "Underground"
15. Wyatt Snow - "American Crywank Cover Band" from "A Crywank Cover & 2 Improv Songs"

Full playlist with links to all the bands:



This week on Presents New NJ Music we have new music from:

1. Kim Boyko - "Nobody" from "Somebody Else"
2. Rich Soni - "Need For Love" from "Safety Tapes Vol. 5"
3. Dr. Void & The Death Machines - "Hey Holly" from "White Light/ Black Death"
4. The James Dalton Band - "The Dancer (Live and Electric)" from "The Dancer (Live and Electric)"
5. The Adventure Soundtrack - "Gibraltar" from "2.17.17 John and Peters, New Hope, PA"
6. The Embracers - "Ain't No Truth (Live @ Maxwell's)" from "Carte Blanche: Live and Unreleased"
7. The Gray Vines - "Dear Friend" from "The Gray Vines EP"
8. Ruby Bulbs - "Sunburn" from "Before I Grow Up and Die"
9. OVSA - "Fight For Your Life" from "Broken Freedoms EP"
10. Aspirator - "Sunday Driver" from "The Rob Demo"
11. Hesson - "House Of Fall" from "Cedardale EP"
12. The Reverie in Comraderie - "Leave (Acoustic)" from "1955 Acoustic EP"
13. Fence - "I've Always Wanted To Be A Wizard" from "Alien"
14. Bobby Rue - "Changes Coming" from "Bongo Boys Records Volume XI"
15. Wild Moon - "Easy If You Try" from "Live in Warwick, NY - 3/25/2017" Presents New NJ Music airs Mondays @ 8pm

Listen here:

See playlist (with links to all the acts) here:


This week on Lazlo's Den Presents New Music Week we have new music from:

1. Sean Marshall & The Near Miss - "In My Mind" from "New"
2. The Miamis - "Another Place, Another Time (Alternate Version)" from "We Deliver: The Lost Band Of The CBGB Era (1974-1979)"
3. Xenia Rubinos - "L.O.V.E." from "L.O.V.E."
4. David Bronson - "Task (Voices)" from "Questions"
5. Darden Smith - "Love Will Win The War" from "Everything"
6. Granite To Glass - "I Want To Live" from "for when you need this"
7. The Ferdy Mayne - "Real Shackle" from "S/T"
8. Greg McCruden - "Orbit" from "Negative Space"
9. Mister Tom - "Hold Up In My Room" from "Party in Survival Shelter 37B"
10. Fox Grin - "Totem" from "Dawn EP"
11. Asia - "My Own Time" from "Symfoni - Live In Bulgaria 2013"
12. oldsoul - "Eyeless" from "oldsoul/Spiers split"
13. B. Miles - "Rude" from "B. Miles"
14. Big Bone Daddy - "Down Low" from "Bongo Boy Records Presents Backroom Blues Volume Five"
15. Me First and the Gimme Gimmes - "Uptown Girl" from "Rake It In: The Greatestest Hits"

Lazlo's Den Presents New Music airs Tuesdays @ 8pm

Listen here:

See playlist (with links to all the acts) here:



That's all for this week folks.