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Newsletter 1/23/17

Hi Everyone,

"Rock Against Hate" benefit album is now available

68 songs for just $10 (or more if you can spare it). All proceeds go to Planned Parenthood and The Trevor Project.

Check out (and on Twitter @RockAgnstHateCD)


* New Playlist Program * is proud to announce a new playlist program, Just Add Alcohol, curated by Ronnie Black.

Ronnie describes the eclectic music show as, "a group of songs that in my humble opinion are a great backdrop to a drinking session, with friends or alone."

Check out the first episode now on


The next Guitar Pull at Espresso Joe's is on Saturday February 11th and will feature:
Michael Aquino
Laree Cisco
Zak Smith

with opening acoustic set from Ancient Babies

The show is free, all ages, and starts at 7pm sharp.

Espresso Joe's is at 50 West Front Street, in Keyport, NJ.


Latest Updates on

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Song Of The Day (1/21/17): Rachel Romanowski - "History Made Easy" (NJ)
RECOMMENDATION: Powell Not Found - "Benefit of the Doubt" (NJ)
RECOMMENDATION: Animal Masks - "Animal Masks" (NJ)
PLAYLIST: Just Add Alcohol w/ Ronnie Black - Episode 1
RECOMMENDATION: The Porchistas - "Axis & Allies" (NJ)
Song Of The Day (1/16/17): Martin Luther King Jr. - "I Have A Dream speech"
Song Of The Day (1/15/17): Logs In The Mainstream - "Circus" (NJ)
ARTIST PROFILE PLAYLIST: Backyard Superheroes (NJ)
Outliers & Cold Fires (recommendation): Mike Herz - "Another Summer" (NJ)


Lazlo's Corner

I wish I had made it to one of the Women's Marches on Saturday. Sadly, I was unable to, but watched some of the DC march live on CSPAN and it was inspiring.

The next four years may be challenging. It's certainly off to a...let's say interesting...start with "alternative facts"

But I have also been inspired by how our local music scene has come together with the release of the 68 song 'Rock Against Hate' compilation.

Yes, I may have been the one suggested putting this compilation together, but getting all this music together and released in 2 months was a team effort.

At a time when partisan bickering is at all time high, we came together, untied, to raise money for Planned Parenthood and the Trevor Project.

Never let it be said that we cannot make a difference when we work together towards a common goal.

While the compilation just came out a few days ago, we have already raised hundreds of dollars for the causes.

If you have already donated $10 (or more) and downloaded the compilation, thank you!

If you have not, please go to We have the donation links there (money goes through Bandcamp directly to Planned Parenthood or The Trevor Project), the full track listing, and information on many of the songs on the compilation.

And keep listening to Presents New NJ Music which will be playing tracks from the compilation over the next few weeks.

Here are some links to articles written about the compilation: (scroll down, we are the second story on the page)



This week on Presents New NJ Music we have new music from:

1. Animal Masks - "For Real" from "Animal Masks"
2. Psykidelic Oven Mit - "Trigger The Tiger" from "Rock Against Hate"
3. Atom Driver - "Hate Me Now" from "Slackjaw EP"
4. Lunch Ladies - "Pick Yourself Up" from "Down On Sunset Strip"
5. DDA - "Fight The Good Fight" from "Rock Against Hate"
6. heavenward - "Rest in Peace, Hopes and Dreams" from "Barely Getting By"
7. The Porchistas - "Mischief Night" from "Axis & Allies"
8. A Halo Called Fred - "Pignocerous of Spleebonia" from "Rock Against Hate"
9. Psychiatric Metaphors - "Auto Pilot" from "Powerbunny 4x4 Singles Club 2017"
10. Reddmond & Joey - "Keep It To Yourself" from "Keep It To Yourself"
11. Beatrix Potter - "A Change in Empathy" from "Rock Against Hate"
12. collector - "a different kind of ache" from "a different kind of ache"
13. Above the Moon - "We're Still Here" from "We're Still Here (Single)"
14. Lifeguard Nights - "Dire Straits" from "Rock Against Hate"
15. rabbit velvet - "Love on a Throne" from "Ochre Ombre"

Click here to listen:


This week on Lazlo's Den Presents New Music Week we have new music from:

1. Big Mother Gig - "Alvarado" from "Almost Primed"
2. Rayne - "Subject A" from "Subject A"
3. The Regrettes - "Lacy Loo" from "Feel Your Feelings Fool!"
4. Griff's Room Band - "Reputation" from "Heartbreak / Desire"
5. Heat - "Lush" from "Overnight"
6. Charlie Parr - "The Falcon" from "Folkadelphia Sessions Volume IV"
7. The Infamous Stringdusters - "Maxwell" from "Laws Of Gravity"
8. Rod Melancon - "Dwayne and Me" from "LA 14"
9. Keaton Henson - "Alright" from "Kindly Now"
10. snow albedo - "wide awake in a downtown apartment" from "the opposite of comfy"
11. The Harmonica Lewinskies - "Grateful Ducks" from "MCFK Section 8: Transmutations"
12. Anthony Jay Sanders - "Leagues" from "The Trevor Project Compilation"
13. Johnny Berg - "Hey Doll (Garden State Serenade)" from "Hey Doll (Garden State Serenade)"
14. The New Up - "Black Swan" from "Tiny Mirrors"
15. Mickey Theis - "Are You Coming Out Tonight?" from "Range Songs"

Click here to listen:



That's all for this week folks.