Broadcast live on our station 7/2/24 @ 7pm ET

Bright Eyes - "Bells and Whistles" from "Five Dice All Threes"
The Rare Occasions - "Macaroni Moon" from "Macaroni Moon [single]"
The Autophobes - "Survive the Day" from "Long Exposure Sky"
Erin Ash Sullivan - "Eat the Pie" from "Signposts and Marks"
MJ Lenderman - "She's Leaving You" from "Manning Fireworks"
Sergio Ceccanti - "This Could Be The Last Time" from "Mysterious Journey"
Hooked Like Helen - "OCD (these thoughts again)" from "OCD (these thoughts again) [single]"
MakeWar - "Discord" from "A Paradoxical Theory of Change"
The Stolen Moans - "Bard-Inspired, Treachery, Chaos & Heartbreak" from "Bard-Inspired, Treachery, Chaos & Heartbreak [single]"
John Cale - "All To The Good" from "POPtical Illusion"
October Drift - "Demons" from "Blame The Young"
Velvet Rouge - "Shattered" from "Shattered [single]"
Thee Sacred Souls - "Lucid Girl" from "Lucid Girl [single]"
Johnny Burgos - "Plays for Keeps" from "All I Ever Wonder"
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