Broadcast live on our station 7/1/24 @ 7pm ET

Lon Lloyd - "Brainwash" from "Show Dog"
Last Legs - "I Like Difficult Music" from "Difficult Songs"
Danello, The Sad Surfer - "Summertime" from "split"
Mark Parker - "Prove me wrong" from "a little bit less"
Monda - "Statistics" from "Cleared Congestion"
The Hard Maybes - "Independence Day" from "Thank You, I Think? [EP]"
Part-Time Custodian - "All Boxed In" from "All Boxed In [single]"
Mike Montrey Band - "Fortune Teller" from "Love, Time & Mortality"
Jake Thistle - "The Dreamer (Live)" from "Live at The Transparent Clinch Gallery"
Ali Zanders - "palace (acoustic)" from "palace (acoustic) [single]"
Loon Lord - "Seeing Through" from "The Sun Tax"
Surfing For Daisy - "Chasing a Girl Like You" from "Chasing a Girl Like You [single]"
possum in my room - "Loser's Anthem" from "split"
Mellow Doubt - "Easily, Frequently" from "Same Shade of Blue"
Kobi Reese - "Sometimes When" from "Sometimes When [single]"
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