Broadcast live on our station 6/25/24 @ 7pm ET

The Tragically Hip - "Get Back Again" from "Up To Here (Box Set)"
Bluhm - "Under The Glow Of Your Moon" from "Under The Glow Of Your Moon [single]"
Hayes Noble - "Get Over It" from "As It Was, As We Were"
Benny Bleu - "Say Darling Say" from "Banjo Jubilations"
Sulo - "Roll On" from "Rough Diamond + Rare Gems & Rowdy Tracks"
Sunday Morning - "Mon Calamari" from "Forget Me Nots [EP]"
Arrested Youth - "Walked Out in the Middle of the Night" from "Walked Out in the Middle of the Night [single]"
The Decemberists - "Tell Me What's On Your Mind" from "As It Ever Was, So It Will Be Again"
The dB's - "Judy [2024 Remaster]" from "Stands for deciBels [2024 Remaster]"
The Trafalgars - "London Taxi" from "About Time"
Coral Moons - "summer of u" from "summer of u [single]"
talker - "TWENTYSOMETHING" from "I'm Telling You the Truth"
Mavis Staples - "Worthy" from "Worthy [single]"
David Bowie - "It's Gonna Rain Again (Ziggy session outtake)" from "Rock 'N' Roll Star [Box Set]"
Jess Cornelius - "Laps In The Drugstore" from "Acare/taking"
Joe Gittleman - "Asked Politely To Leave" from "Hold Up"
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