Broadcast live on our station 5/21/24 @ 7pm ET

Kairos Creature Club - "Good Company" from "Good Company"
Islands - "Drown A Fish" from "What Occurs"
Moonroof - "Bad for Me" from "Bad for Me [single]"
The Dreaded Laramie - "Life is Funny" from "Princess Feedback"
Poppy Harlo - "Ink" from "Ink [single]"
Bermuda squares - "Mortality" from "Outsider"
Caldwell - "Theodore Sullivan" from "Caldwell"
Los Campesinos! - "Feast of Tongues" from "All Hell"
Ruel Thomas - "I Am Today" from "I Am Today"
Velvet Rouge - "Lonely Since The Day We Met" from "Lonely Since The Day We Met [single]"
Savoir Adore - "Euphoria" from "Savoir Adore"
NxWorries - "FroM Here (feat. Snoop Dogg & October London)" from "FromHere"
Jason DeVore - "Turn It Off! (feat. Mercy Music, The Ataris)" from "'Til The Voice Goes Out"
The Human Edition - "Kingdom Of Yawn" from "Karma Connected Casualties"
Milly - "Spilling Ink" from "Your Own Becoming"
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