Broadcast live on our station 11/20/23 @ 7pm

Part-Time Custodian - "Come On Eliza" from "Vacant Valleys"
Halogens - "Resolution Phase (Original Recording)" from "Recordings 2011-2014ish"
possum in my room - "carlsbad" from "carlsbad [single]"
Strange Talking Animals - "My Own Worst Enemy" from "In the Glow of the Coming Dawn"
J Thoubbs - "Failed Experiments" from "Season of the Riffs (Deluxe Edition)"
Sore Winner - "I Can't Move (live 11/11/23)" from "The Bramble - Glassboro, NJ (11/11/23)"
Jacob Chacko - "Make It" from "Make It [single]"
Cherry Parke - "Try Her Again" from "Painting a Song: Season 3, Volume 10"
Log Across The Washer - "Derold's Song Track 8" from "2023 Sports Duchamp"
El Noordzo - "Groovy Nightmare" from "Dags / Groovy Nightmare"
City Line - "Whiskey and Bonfires" from "Equinox"
Diego Allessandro - "Hitman" from "Hitman [single]"
Renee Maskin - "Flamingo Pink" from "Shimmer"
Mars Kushi - "GLASS EYE" from "TOO FAR GONE"
Pet Rock Olympian - "Grotto Gremlins" from "No Cohesion"
bigheads - "Ben and Socrates" from "two songs"
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