Broadcast live on our station 9/18/23 @ 7pm

Rachel Ana Dobken - "Cruel, Cruel, Cruel" from "Cruel, Cruel, Cruel [single]"
The Catholic Girls - "Hear My Prayer [Dance Version]" from "Hear My Prayer"
CR and The Nones - "Side Eye" from "The Ghosts Are Coming Home"
Joseph Alton Miller - "This Old Car" from "This Old Car [single]"
Mother Yilk - "Deer Woman" from "Ventnor Coffee House 8/3/23"
Dogpile on the Rabbit - "Good Old Dead And Gone" from "Way Back Now"
dream complete - "Sometimes Forget" from "Always Somewhere EP"
Asinine Relevance - "How Funny" from "[I]"
Levy Okun - "Parasite" from "Says Hello"
Latewaves - "Frog" from "Latewaves"
Modern Crybaby - "Better Better Better" from "Better Better Better [single]"
cheeks - "Time" from "All In!"
Slow Transit - "Parallel Moves" from "Parallel Moves / Circle Breaking"
Signal Valley - "We Flew To Close To The Moon" from "Unedited Image Of A Bear"
Blind Pete - "The 5000 Fingers Of Dr. T" from "Hot and Delicious"
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