Broadcast live on our station 6/20/22 @ 7pm

By Torchlight - "A Night To Remember" from "A Night To Remember"
Aaron Smith - "Monsters" from "Monsters [single]"
Shutter - "Call Me Back" from "Fade EP"
Somebody Club - "Coffee Instead" from "Love is the New Space Race"
Grin & Bear - "Thinkin of u" from "Naturally Goes"
Jason Didner - "You Can't Get There From Here in Jersey" from "It's a Jersey Thing"
Mark Parker - "My Dissertation" from "Summer of Drunk"
shut up, madison - "basement pop punk band" from "love post loudness war"
Daredevil Pilots - "Addicted" from "Failure Is An Animal"
regrown new jersey - "Footnote" from "Regrown"
Mike Levine - "Walking" from "Walking [single]"
GIN WAR - "75 Cents" from "75 Cents [single]"
Sapwood - "cleaning out my car" from "happygoluckyfucker"
Some Human's Mind - "sing" from "tape shorts (sound)"
Diego Allessandro - "Magical" from "The Best of Diego Allessandro 2012-2022"
Cyborg Amok - "Golden Years [David Bowie cover]" from "Cyborg Amok - Etiam"
070Shake - "Invited" from "You Can't Kill Me"
flight week - "grenadine" from "DreamBoost B-Sides EP"
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