Broadcast live on our station 5/2/22 @ 7pm

Mikey Erg - "Almost Like Judee Sill" from "Love At Leeds"
Torment Of Giants - "Carpe Diem, Baby (Live)" from "Live at Jimmy's Bar & Grill"
Mike Chick - "Where Did You Go?" from "I Don't Write Love Songs"
Jack Skuller - "Watercolor Rain" from "Watercolor Rain [single]"
GIN WAR - "The Motions" from "The Motions [single]"
The Happy Fits - "Dance Alone" from "Dance Alone [single]"
RP - "Falling Into The Sky" from "Call of the Void"
Defecting Grey - "No FX" from "ARC"
We Don't Exist - "Satellite" from "II"
Brianna Musco - "Not Done Hating You" from "Alter Ego"
Trent Carr - "Asparagus" from "Frankenstein Surf Dream EP"
The Convincing Actor - "Away From My Pleasure Too Long" from "Body in the Meanwhile"
Dave Vargo - "Nobody's Fault" from "Crooked Miles"
David White - "Land of Sea and Sun (Single Release)" from "Land of Sea and Sun [Single]"
Alpha Rabbit - "Let It Rain" from "Eternity"
Vincent Brue - "This Is Not A Drill" from "So Lowest (A Work In Progress)"
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