Broadcast live on our station 4/25/22 @ 7pm

Alpha Rabbit - "Wrong Thing Sometimes" from "Eternity"
swamp_child - "Null Hypothesis (Rubbernecking / And January in Hell)" from "Back to the Theater"
Prettier Now - "Dilate" from "Dilate [single]"
Brianna Musco - "Great Escape" from "Alter Ego"
Ill-Advised - "Hard Times" from "Hard Times [single]"
Psychiatric Metaphors - "Amorous Ontology" from "Surrealist Realities"
Dave Vargo - "Back Then" from "Crooked Miles"
matherial - "yellow haired girls" from "ashamed to begin my ego death"
Florian's Creek - "Suntrap" from "Suntrap [single]"
Katye Kellye and the Interruption - "Look At Me (I'm Not Here)" from "Look At Me (I'm Not Here) [single]"
City Line - "Watch The Lights" from "Watch The Lights [single]"
Big Rips - "World War 3" from "Fake Music"
doubleshot - "strings" from "ep"
Omust's Row - "R3T1R3" from "CONTENT"
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