Broadcast live on our station 4/5/22 @ 7pm

Ships Have Sailed - "More" from "Ages"
TV Priest - "Bury Me In My Shoes" from "My Other People"
Ajay Mathur - "Real" from "Talking Loud"
The Fisherman & The Sea - "But The Boy Is Dead!" from "Botify The People"
JON SPENCER & the HITmakers - "Bruise" from "Spencer Gets It Lit"
Treasvre - "Letting Nature Run Its Course" from "Stick The Knife In"
Anand Wilder - "I Don't Want Our Love To Become Routine" from "I Don't Know My Words"
The Dead Tongues - "James St" from "Dust"
Basia Bulat - "The Shore (The Garden Version)" from "The Garden"
Dream Widow - "Angel With Severed Wings" from "Dream Widow EP"
IGNITE - "The House Is Burning" from "Ignite"
The Real McKenzies - "Spinning Wheels" from "Float Me Boat"
Destroyer - "It Takes a Thief" from "LABYRINTHITIS"
Jasmyn - "Find The Light" from "In The Wild"
Pink Mountaintops - "Nervous Breakdown" from "Peacock Pools"
Askvader - "Nightcap" from "Fenix"
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