Broadcast live on our station 2/7/22 @ 7pm

Stephanie Seymour - "There Was A Time" from "There Was A Time [single]"
Taser Video - "Patient" from "Procrastination EP"
Camino Sound - "Lurch Forward" from "The Camino Sound EP"
Jason Didner - "Battle" from "Salt and Sand: Rock Songs to Heal the Mind"
Rawan - "Lonely Together" from "Lost Boy (EP)"
Katye Kellye and the Interruption - "Enough" from "The Clouds Attack (EP)"
Mark Parker - "Fast As I Can" from "Still Confused..."
Pete Jager - "Frustration" from "Bruise Your Contusion Vol 1"
Nerve Damage - "No Fun" from "New Music"
The Bitter Chills - "otherwise, She's Mine" from "Highway 21"
Katie Henry - "Running Round" from "On My Way"
The Public Universal Friend - "Slow Ghost [The War On Drugs cover]" from "Slow Ghost"
Jake Gussman - "Baby Boy" from "Baby Boy"
Fading Radiance - "Monster In My Head" from "What I've Lost I'm Taking Back"
veterinarian declan - "never been like this" from "veterinarian demo"
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