Broadcast live on our station 1/24/22 @ 7pm

Aftyn - "Cool Girl" from "Cool Girl [single]"
OWEL - "Good For You" from "The Salt Water Well"
Lowlight - "Samantha" from "Samantha [single]"
We Were The Remotes - "Bits and Pieces" from "Bari"
John Bis - "Xenu Emu" from "The Hobonaut Legacy"
Reckless & The Menace - "You don't know me" from "Liquor Store EP"
Aquino - "Ano Nuevo (Frontier)" from "New Year | Ano Nuevo"
Camino Sound - "Bearings" from "The Camino Sound EP"
Nerve Damage - "Love" from "New Music"
Arthur Herrmann - "Thinkin' Stone" from "Apocalyptic Picnic"
Little Silver Creek Band - "Wine Box Blues" from "Wine Box Blues [single]"
The Craig Torso Show - "Thief in the Night" from "Conflagration Vespers"
Renee Maskin - "We Won't Lose it Now" from "Swimming"
tara, just tara - "the gunfighter song (acoustic demo)" from "scar stories vol 1"
Jacob Mathews - "Tell You How I Feel" from "Tell You How I Feel [single]"
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