Broadcast live on our station 11/23/21 @ 7pm

Jim Lindberg - "I Feel Like The Sun" from "Songs from the Elkhorn Trail"
Worst Party Ever - "Prism On a Window" from "Dartland"
Lars Frederiksen - "God And Guns" from "To Victory [EP]"
Nation Of Language - "They're Beckoning" from "A Way Forward"
Latvian Radio - "Not Anymore" from "Phooey!"
FUR - "She's The Warmest Colour In My Mind" from "When You Walk Away"
BRKN LOVE - "Dead Weight" from "Dead Weight [single]"
Sjoeblom - "Brand New Life" from "Demons"
Ultra Q - "Pupkin" from "Get Yourself A Friend"
Damon Albarn - "Particles" from "The Nearer The Fountain, More Pure The Stream Flows"
Fox and Bones - "A Strange and Wondrous Place" from "PDX Pop Now! Vol. 18"
Travel Horse - "Early In The Morning" from "Interlude"
The Slackers - "Windowland" from "Windowland [single]"
Deap Vally - "Perfunction" from "Marriage"
Fans Of The Dark - "Zombies In My Class" from "Fans Of The Dark"
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