Broadcast live on our station 10/4/21 @ 7pm

Pete Jager - "Wake Up" from "Bruise Your Contusion Vol 1"
All Systems Go - "Every Time I Look For You" from "Rock Show: A 20th Anniversary Tribute to Take off Your Pants & Jacket"
Gina Royale - "Hurts Like Hell" from "Hurts Like Hell [single]"
Rogue Soul - "Used Cars" from "Used Cars [single]"
Dean Howey - "The Unsaid" from "Painting a Song: Volume 38"
Speed The Plough - "Beautiful Place" from "Before & After Silence"
The Creds - "What It's About" from "Long Time Coming"
Beneath The Green - "Pieces Of You" from "PALS"
Little Hag - "Get Real!" from "Leash"
Possum in my Room - "the captain pt.2" from "primitivism"
Sof - "fruit water szn" from "fruit water szn [single]"
The Known Unknowns - "Shooting Stars" from "Demos"
Rezy Ross - "GFY" from "Recycled Rez Vol. 3"
MAUCH - "Mourning Dove" from "demos nobody asked for"
Will Wiggins - "Here We Go Again" from "Painting a Song: Volume 38"
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