Broadcast live on our station 9/28/21 @ 7pm

Danko Jones - "Let's Rock Together" from "Power Trio"
Face To Face - "Blanked Out" from "No Way Out But Through"
How I Became Invisible - "The Press Corpse" from "9/11 For Peace"
Sam Johnson - "Get Lost" from "Along the Dark Edges of Everything"
Black Cat Revue - "The Lonely Stoner" from "The Ballad of Django & Fuzz"
Bren Holmes - "Somewhere (Ode to Shane)" from "Everything You Never Wanted"
Grace Morrison - "Just Loving You" from "Daughter"
The Milk Carton Kids - "New York (Live from Lincoln Theatre)" from "Prologue (10th Anniversary Box Set)"
Norman Blake - "I'm Free Again" from "Day by Day"
Big D and the Kids Table - "Toyed" from "Do You Art"
Cheekface - "Ted Talk City" from "Emphatically Mo' (b-sides)"
DIVA LOTTO - "INESCTS" from "INSECTS [single]"
Laura Jane Grace - "Three Of Hearts" from "At War With The Silverfish [EP]"
Singing River - "Some Angel (California Rain)" from "Some Angel (California Rain) [single]"
Straylight Run - "The Tension And The Terror" from "Live At The Patchogue Theatre"
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