Broadcast live on our station 1/5/21 @ 7pm

Healey - "Need a Hand" from "Sleep Trees"
Jug & The Bugs - "Pick my speed" from "Pick My Speed"
Scarlet Magnum - "falling heavy" from "falling heavy [single]"
Dw. Dunphy - "Flightless (Ines)" from "Flightless (Ines) [single]"
Chris Brown (AP) - "Hallelujah (Leonard Cohen cover)" from "Hallelujah [single]"
George Wirth - "For Your Love" from "The Long Road Home"
Feeny - "Firefly" from "True State Presents: "Forever Who We Are" a tribute to Saves the Day"
Dodgeball - "My Caffeine" from "Gooder Plus"
Hello Whirled - "Replace" from "Hole Of Infinity"
Eddie Skuller - "Rock On" from "Rock On [single]"
VMD - "it same without raisins" from "Chicken, Peppers, and Chocolate"
Moon Rabbit Retreat - "Sine Language" from "Habitat"
Bernie's Fixx - "Joe's American Diner" from "Demo 1995"
Drive, Kid - "Lucy (feat. Sierra Binondo)" from "Lucy (feat. Sierra Binondo) [single]"
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