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BlowUpRadio​.​com : Lazlo Interviews Catherine Wacha (Rock The Lup 2016)

Playlist includes artists playing "Rock The Lup 2016", interspersed with Lazlo's interview with Catherine Wacha

Playlist Tracklisting
[interview segment]
Underlined Passages - Everyone Was There
Don Lee - Part Of Nothing
[interview segment]
David Wrong - They'll Remember
Fairmont - Bad Time
[interview segment]
Deena & Oddbod - Not That Kind Of Girl
Jim Crawford - Two Knives
[interview segment]
Frank & Bill - Daddy's Done
Jim Mill - Ream
[interview segment]
Melissa Anthony - Pool Of Blood
Catherine Wacha - The Old Oak Tree
[interview segment]
Nautica Erotica - Missy
Jon Caspi - Song About Loss
[interview segment]
Catherine Wacha - Anyanka
Catherine Wacha - Anna (Live @ Buddie's Tavern)
[interview segment]

Click here to purchase "Rock The Lup" compilations.

Click here to download Lazlo's interview with Catherine Wacha.

"Rock The Lup" Benefit for Alliance for Lupus Research, takes place at Espresso Joe's on Saturday April 16th.

The lineup includes:
3:00pm - Underlined Passages
3:35pm - Don Lee
4:10pm - David Wrong
4:45pm - Fairmont
5:20pm - Deena Shoskes
5:55pm - Jim Crawford
6:30pm - Frank & Bill
7:05pm - Jim Mill
7:40pm - Melissa Anthony
8:15pm - Catherine Wacha
8:50pm - Nautica Erotica
9:25pm - Jon Caspi