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Lazlo's Den Presents New Music Playlist 12-26-16

1. Wheatus - "Tipsy" from "Tipsy"
2. The Days We Don't - "Emily" from "Noise Complaint"
3. Brett Newski - "Garage" from "Land Air Sea Garage"
4. Aim Higher - "For A Reason" from "Homemade EP"
5. The Menzingers - "Bad Catholics" from "After The Party"
6. The Rival - "Just Let Go" from "Sands"
7. Chicano Batman - "Friendship (is a Small Boat in a Storm)" from "Freedom Is Free"
8. Josh Bicknell - "A Spy Named Stella" from "A Spy Named Stella"
9. Wearing Here - "Maze" from "Maze"
10. Dar Williams (with Jill Sobule) - "FM Radio" from "Folkadelphia Sessions Volume IV"
11. Maria Taylor ft. Conor Oberst - "If Only" from "In The Next Life"
12. Defend The Rhino - "Bucket List" from "There's No Place Like Home"
13. Saintseneca - "All The Best" from "The Mallwalker EP"
14. Oogee Wawa - "Just Another Day" from "Just Another Day"
15. Ahmen ft. Janani Saara - "We Choose Love" from "If not now then when"