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Lazlo's Den Presents New Music Playlist 12-12-16

1. elbow - "Magnificent (She Says)" from "Little Fictions"
2. Broad Cast - "No Swimming" from "Ceiling"
3. Craig Greenberg - "Death On The Liberty Line" from "The Grand Loss & Legacy"
4. Angelica Garcia - "Bridge on Fire" from "Medicine for Birds"
5. Kestrels - "Suspect" from "Kestrels"
6. Cris Jacobs - "Bone Digger" from "Dust to Gold"
7. Frenzal Rhomb - "We're Going Out Tonight" from "We Lived Like Kings"
8. Big Mother Gig - "Farewell" from "Smiling Politely [reissue]"
9. Reckless Serenade - "What Is Good" from "Strange Soul"
10. Dr. Dog - "Ladada" from "Abandoned Mansion"
11. Conversing with Oceans - "The Gold Rush" from "The Gold Rush"
12. Trouble in the Wind - "Let Me Get Down" from "Lefty"
13. Tift Merritt - "Love Soldiers On" from "Stitch Of The World"
14. The Young Wild - "In The Wild" from "In The Wild"
15. The Lovely Days - "Lordness" from "The Lovely Days"