return to Presents New NJ Music 12-5-16

1. Accidental Seabirds - "Paint by Number" from "Metedeconk"
2. Alec James And The Sweet Release - "Two Types Of Glasses" from "Alec Hanslowe"

4. Old Smile - "Sleeping Dancing World" from "Sleeping Dancing World"
5. Mark Parker - "Sell Out" from "No Hit Wonder"
6. where is my spaceship - "thinkin bout my tombstone" from "thinkin bout my tombstone"
7. Deaf Skulls - "politicians" from "The Assholes of the World Shine Like Stars in the Sky"
8. Hello Whirled - "Komejirushi" from "Hello Dirtman"
9. Bearded Twin - "Hearsay (Demo)" from "Oh You Know"
10. Staten - "Withdraw" from "Withdraw"
11. tooafraid - "about society" from "what the past year taught me"
12. NoraTalbo - "Tongue Tied" from "Mile A Minute EP"
13. Roshambo - "Blockhead" from "Carpet Surfing Deluxe Edition"
14. Old City Revival - "surroundings" from "this is a beautiful painting."
15. Mungo's List - "Rango" from "Lunch Dinners Vol. I: Live on Meelday in the Morning (10.09.16)"