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Lazlo's Den Presents New Music Playlist 11-14-16

1. Sam Bush - "Lefty's Song" from "Storyman"
2. Beyonce featuring the Dixie Chicks - "Daddy Lessons" from "Daddy Lessons (single)"
3. Thee Sonomatics - "Radar" from "Guitar Rebel: A Tribute To Link Wray"
4. Freedom Call - "Metal is for Everyone" from "Master Of Light"
5. Helmet - "I Love My Guru" from "Dead To The World"
6. Glory - "Truth Bonds" from "3 Song Promo"
7. Hamish Anderson - "Working Blues" from "Trouble"
8. Allelujah - "Band of Brother Blues" from "The Death and Life of Captain Nathan Baker"
9. David Bromberg Band - "How Come My Dog Don't Bark When You Come 'Round" from "The Blues"
10. Dead To Me - "I Wanna Die In Los Angeles" from "I Wanna Die In Los Angeles"
11. The Glazzies - "Spill" from "Spill"
12. Greg Graffin - "Lincoln's Funeral Train" from "Lincoln's Funeral Train"
13. The Mission - "Blood On The Road" from "Another Fall From Grace"
14. Storm the Sky - "Medicine" from "Sin Will Find You"
15. Nekromantix - "NekroTopia" from "A Symphony of Wolf Tones & Ghost Notes"