return to Presents New NJ Music 11-14-16

1. Staten - "Arrow & Terror" from "I Am LIT"
2. Young Legs - "The Wayfarer's Waltz" from "Ring Of Salt"
3. Kyle Cooke - "Water" from "The Inbetweens EP"
4. Dollar Store Riot - "What's It To You?" from "Tiny Dirty Houses/What's It To You?"
5. AristoCant's - "Forgot" from "Impure Thoughts EP"
6. Voice of Doom - "Screams In Space" from "Screams In Space"
7. Vincent Brue - "Zinklepink" from "Zinklepink (single)"
8. Fairmont - "Comanche" from "Guitar Rebel: A Tribute To Link Wray"
9. Old Smile - "Hello Stranger" from "H from Two Sixteen"
10. Skylar Pocket - "Honeywater" from "Deep Mire"
11. tucka montoca - "City lawns" from "rutt"
12. Ziggy Grover - "Let Go" from "Learning To Love Again EP"
13. Our Moms Drove Us Here - "High School Dropout" from "Abbiocco"
14. Glume - "Siren" from "Sustenance"
15. Surefire Broadcast - "Through A Red Door" from "Demographic"