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Lazlo's Den Presents New Music Playlist 11-7-16

1. Andy Prasa - "You Got Me So High" from "Some Kind Of Blues"
2. John K. Samson - "Oldest Oak at Brookside" from "Winter Wheat"
3. Krief - "Deo Gratias" from "Automanic"
4. Joyce Manor - "Stairs" from "Cody"
5. Big Mother Gig - "Hey Bartender (Live at The Globe)" from "Smiling Politely [resissue]"
6. Kestrels - "Descent Of Their Last End" from "Kestrels"
7. minihorse - "drink you dry" from "Big Lack EP"
8. Touche Amore - "Skyscraper (feat. Julien Baker)" from "Stage Four"
9. Emma Ruth Rundle - "Real Big Sky" from "Marked For Death"
10. Admiral Sir Cloudesley Shovell - "Hawkline Monkster" from "Keep it Greasy!"
11. NOFX - "California Drought" from "First Ditch Effort"
12. Red Light Runner (Featuring Charlie Dorrell) - "What Are You Thinking About?" from "What Are You Thinking Abou"
13. SIRES - "Turn It Up" from "Soul For Sale"
14. LITE - "Else" from "LITE / mouse on the keys Split"
15. The Black Moods - "Someone To Save Us" from "Medicine"