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Lazlo's Den Presents New Music Playlist 10-10-16

1. Josh Bicknell - "Walking On" from "Banding Together 2016 Compilation"
2. John K. Samson - "Postdoc Blues" from "Winter Wheat"
3. Giant Panda Guerilla Dub Squad - "Signs" from "Make It Better"
4. The Mission feat. Martin Gore - "Only you and you alone" from "Another Fall From Grace"
5. Elle Belle - "Knock On The Light" from "Wako Gumbo"
6. New Model Army - "Devil" from "Winter"
7. The Trews - "Beautiful & Tragic" from "Time Capsule"
8. Donovan Wolfington - "Ollie North" from "How to Treat the Ones You Love"
9. Letters to Cleo - "Can't Say" from "Back to Nebraska"
10. The Hudson Dusters (feat. Ryder Cooley) - "Why The Long Faces" from "Banding Together 2016 Compilation"
11. Horse - "See The People Creeping Round" from "For Twisted Minds Only [reissue]"
12. The Duke of Norfolk - "Gypsy King (Aonghas)" from "Three Days From the Wolf Month"
13. The New Up - "Future Is Now" from "Future Is Now"
14. Regina Spektor - "Grand Hotel" from "Remember us to Life"
15. Tredici Bacci - "Give Him the Gun (featuring JG Thirlwell)" from "Amore Per Tutti"