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1. Color Science - "All My Words" from "Sour Candy Summer"
2. Unbound Joy - "Ana" from "Unbound Joy EP"
3. That One Ace Kid - "Misfit Toys" from "*Insert Album Title Here*"
4. A Machine For Wolves - "Fishbowl" from "Life Has Many Doors"
5. Basement Beers - "Wake Me Up When "Wake Me Up When September Ends" Ends (Nicole's Song)" from "Regrets: An Anthology"
6. Bettysally - "On My Side" from "Bettysally"
7. Big Happy Crowd - "All I've Got's Your CD" from "Folk & Feedback*"
8. The Spins - "Car Crash" from "Car Crash/The Spins"
9. Volvo Physics - "Perfect Graphs" from "Chaos"
10. RoswellDebacle - "Kimiko" from "Kimiko (Single)"
11. Elizabeth White - "Alone" from "Demo"
12. Delcada - "Down" from "Awake"
13. Staten - "Avery" from "Sour Candy Summer "
14. Roland Jeric - "The Girl Who Cried Metaphors" from "I Guess This Is My "Closure""
15. Above the Moon - "Loving & Leaving" from "Above the Moon"