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Lazlo's Den Presents New Music Playlist 8-29-16

1. Beaver Nelson - "Well, Well, Well" from "Positive"
2. Chris Staples - "Park Bench" from "Golden Age"
3. Carl Broemel - "Best Of" from "4th of July"
4. Odds Lane - "Take It Slow" from "Last Night On Cherokee"
5. Bill Kirchen & Austin de Lone - "Hounds Of The Bakersfield" from "Transatlanticana"
6. The Limbos - "Summer Swell" from "Eeny Meeny"
7. Secret Stuff - "You Betcha, Pal" from "Secret Stuff / Sundressed Split EP"
8. Daniel Lanois - ""Deconstruction" (feat. Rocco DeLuca)" from "Goodbye To Language"
9. Dawes - "When The Tequila Runs Out" from "We're All Gonna Die"
10. Ourlives - "Whisper and Wait" from "Higher Hopes"
11. Russian Circles - "Overboard" from "Guidance"
12. Young the Giant - "Mr. Know-It-All" from "Home of the Strange"
13. AM - "The World Will Go On Without You" from "Precious Life"
14. Maynard Ferguson - "Snap" from "Complete High Voltage"
15. Taking Back Sunday - "You Can't Look Back" from "Tidal Wave"