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1. Ed Tang & The Chops - "Kerouac's Curse" from "Magic Tricks and Rolling Stone"
2. Joseph Mancuso - "Greatness" from "An Ocean"
3. Ben From Naked Ant - "The Heart Plays Along" from "Demos 1"
4. Ghost Camp - "Kickball Katy" from "Great Lakes"
5. The Hannas - "The Bend" from "The Bend"
6. Mikey Erg - "Apart Time" from "Tentative Decisions"
7. Keith Monacchio - "I Won't Give Up" from "The Dust-Up"
8. TooAfraid - "I Still Haven't Changed" from "Restorative Collapse"
9. Keepin' The Family - "Coastline" from "Keepin' The Family"
10. Modern Crowds - "Where Did We Go Wrong" from "Go"
11. Nicholas Edward Hertzberg - "God Fearing God" from "I Liked When I Was Done...I Didn't Like Doing It"
12. C.R. and the Degenerates - "Salt of the Earth" from "Salt of the Earth"
13. Plainfield Slim - "The Ringing Phone" from "Bongo Boy Records: Backroom Blues, Vol. 3"
14. Bernards Jazz Quartet/The Brady Bunch Jazz Quartet - "St. Thomas" from "Bernards Jazz Quartet"
15. Serious Matters - "Summer Tides" from "Summer Sampler (2016 Demos)"