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Lazlo's Den Presents New Music Playlist 6-27-16

1. Eros and the Eschaton - "Rxx" from "Weight Of Matter"
2. Caveboy - "Monochrome" from "EP"
3. A Silent Film - "Something To Believe In" from "A Silent Film"
4. The Blind Pets - "big kids" from "big kids"
5. Alice Bag - "Modern Day Virgin Sacrifice" from "Alice Bag"
6. Heart Attack Man - "Surrounded By Morons" from "Surrounded By Morons"
7. Miracle Sweepstakes - "Diagonal Retreat" from "Diagonal Retreat"
8. Belle Mare - "How Much Longer" from "How Much Longer"
9. Mark Mallman - "Terrified" from "The End Is Not The End"
10. Haux - "Caves" from "Caves"
11. Erin McKeown - "The Queer Gospel" from "According To Us"
12. Helen Connelly - "Behind Your Eyes" from "Behind Your Eyes"
13. Art d'Ecco - "She So Hot" from "Day Fevers"
14. Minden - "Real Sugar" from "Sweet, Simple Things"
15. Billie Eilish - "Six Feet Under" from "Six Feet Under"