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Lazlo's Den Presents New Music Playlist 6-20-16

1. Not Blood Paint - "Take Another Chance" from "Believing is Believing"
2. Garbage - "Blackout" from "Strange Little Birds"
3. Man Is Not A Bird - "Life & Levity" from "Life & Levity"
4. Hootsie - "Bully For You" from "Calm Down Crazy"
5. tomemitsu - "vacation" from "loaf eye"
6. David Trull - "Beautiful World" from "Coin Toss"
7. The Novelists - "Soul Sucker" from "Breaking the Script (Book Two)"
8. Scroll Downers - "I Want to Believe" from "Hot Winter"
9. Bat For Lashes - "Sunday Love" from "The Bride"
10. case/lang/veirs - "Honey and Smoke" from "case/lang/veirs"
11. The Blancos - "2ยข" from "The Blancos"
12. Meta and the Cornerstones - "Yellow Cab" from "Ancient Power"
13. Mock Orange - "High Octane Punk Mode" from "Put The Kid On The Sleepy Horse"
14. The Rival - "When I'm With You (Walking On Air)" from "Waves"
15. DragonForce - "Heart Of A Dragon (Remastered)" from "Killer Elite"