return to Presents New NJ Music 6-20-16

1. VelocityRaptor - "I Hate That I Care (About Credit)" from "Six"
2. Dentist - "Joel" from "Ceilings"
3. Asphalt Grey - "Lie Low, Die Slow" from "Beaten Black 'N Blues"
4. Son Of Dov - "Night Vision" from "Night Vision"
5. Skyler Ryes - "Memories of Us" from "Distant Echoes"
6. Brian Hartt - "Leaves of Grass" from "River"
7. Bear Faces - "Tell Me Know" from "Second​-​Hand Drunk"
8. dandelion hands - "you're an anxiety attack (ft dookieshecky)" from "[COMMISSIONS II]"
9. Ocean Roar - "Melted Home" from "Rough Cuts"
10. The Mighty Dead - "Tall like a high horse on a pedestal" from "Metaphysics are in the street, but I'm not leaving this room"
11. ABE - "Airglow" from "Airglow"
12. Benny Hagerty - "Vibes" from "Benny Hagerty"
13. Painted Young - "Leave Some Space For Me" from "Looking Forward to Never Looking Back"
14. Think Twice - "Gazes" from "Currents EP"
15. chico romano - "takes a woman like you (ft. ian kenselaar)" from "4track doodles"