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Lazlo's Den Presents New Music Playlist 6-6-16

1. The Krickets - "Guinevere" from "Spanish moss Sirens"
2. Ben de la Cour - "Anybody Like You" from "Midnight in Havana"
3. The Movement - "Golden (feat. Elliot Martin)" from "Golden"
4. Empty Houses - "Daydream" from "Daydream"
5. Earth Heart - "Homesick" from "Homesick"
6. Kerosene Stars - "Any Other Way" from "a million little trees"
7. Cold Collective - "Away From You" from "Bachelorette Party"
8. DZ Deathrays - "Blood On My Leather"" from "Blood On My Leather"
9. Andy Frasco & the U.N. - "Tie You Up" from "Happy Bastards"
10. Josh Hoyer and Soul Colossal - "What We Got" from "Running From Love"
11. The Maytags - "Marry Ya" from "Love Lines"
12. Esmé Patterson - "Feel Right" from "We Were Wild"
13. The Wild Lips - "This Might Be My Breakdown" from "Shameless"
14. The Ragbirds - "Cosmos" from "The Threshold & The Hearth"
15. The Accidentals - "Parking Lot" from "Parking Lot"