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Lazlo's Den Presents New Music Playlist 5-30-16

1. Steve Poltz - "Folksinger" from "Folksinger"
2. Robert Francis - "Fire Engine Red" from "Fire Engine Red"
3. Honey Island Swamp Band - "Medicated" from "Demolition Day"
4. Suit Of Lights - "Monsters" from "Break Open the Head"
5. Josh Flagg - "Take Me On" from "Tracing Shapes"
6. Mean Jeans - "I Don’t Care That I Don’t Care" from "Tight New Dimension"
7. Zachary Fader - "Lost In The Waves" from "Lost In The Waves"
8. Sweet Crude - "Isle Dans la Mer"" from "Sweet Crude"
9. Health&Beauty - "Wartime" from "No Scare"
10. Pink Mexico - "Buzz Kill" from "Fool"
11. Lull - "Nouvelle" from "EP"
12. TTNG - "A Chase Of Sorts" from "Disappointment Island"
13. Faithless Town - "Waste Away" from "Empires"
14. In Letter Form - "Face In The Crowd" from "Fracture. Repair. Repeat"
15. Audience Killers - "Sounds Like You" from "Floating Islands"