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1. Lost Romance - "Heart On A Wire" from "Heart On A Wire"
2. Cinema Star - "Attractive" from "Attractive"
3. Casino Sundae - "Aint Gone and Done'" from "Singles Going Sundae"
4. Frank & Bill - "Midnight Train" from "Unplugged & Uncouth"
5. Colton Kayser - "Place to Settle" from "Place to Settle"
6. Tim Mountain - "S​-​Waves" from "Vol. I"
7. Delsea - "action at a distance" from "Girl's Night Out"
8. Third Seed - "Late Night Scamerica" from "Still Asleep"
9. County Drop - "Taller Grass'" from "You Firefly"
10. goldwoman - "i'd still take you to the grammys'" from "songs i recorded in my bathroom"
11. Tom Flynn - "Long Line Waiting" from "Long Line Waiting"
12. Sophia & Nick Longo - "Pork roll, egg, and cheese" from "The Longos"
13. Will Wood and the Tapeworms - "6up, 5oh, CopOut (Pro​/​Con)" from "Live in Studio"
14. Weary Travelers - "Down" from "Forget and Go"
15. Stress Eater - "Memorial Day Weakened" from "Read St. Demos"