return to Presents New NJ Music 5-23-16

1. ManDancing - "Broken" from "Everyone Else"
2. Cat in the Wall - "If Only I Knew" from "Cat in the Wall II"
3. Naked Ant - "Bright Skies" from "Singing The Praises Of Cameras"
4. Dang It, Martha - "Waiting for You" from "For Future Reference"
5. September's Ghost - "Dishonorable Discharge" from "Drawn to the Satellites"
6. The Black Sox Scandal - "East Coast Bias" from "In Search of Brighter Skies"
7. The Cheap Moves - "Sublet Song" from "2016 EP"
8. gabriela amelia - "song for mental illness" from "vacuum travel"
9. Escapist - "Follow Me Home'" from "Another Dawn"
10. Casino Sundae - "Cant Stand When You Lie'" from "Singles Going Sundae"
11. The Albino Woodchucks - "Benny the Bear" from "Chucked Up"
12. Skateboard Kyle - "Everything Dies" from "Slovenly Pop Hit"
13. Blue Plate Special - "The Mountain and the Mine" from "Back By Popular Demand"
14. Hit Snooze - "Use It (Milkyway)" from "Hit Snooze"
15. Lorg - "New Ska" from "Live on WP 88​.​7fm"