return to Presents New NJ Music 5-16-16

1. The Everymen - "Co​-​Dependent's Day" from "These Mad Dogs Need Heroes"
2. Everything And Between - "Bad Knees" from "Bad Knees"
3. Pep Rally - "Shaky Lungs" from "It's Just Better This Way"
4. Phulton - "Real Love" from "In Lieu of Flowers"
5. Gates - "Empty Canvas" from "Parallel Lives"
6. Dentist - "MeetYouThere (In Delaware)" from "Ceilings"
7. The Great American Satan - "Uppers and Downers" from "Hell Songs"
8. The Battery Electric - "Holiday in Heaven" from "Lose control"
9. Casino Sundae - "Things We Should Have Said'" from "Singles Going Sundae"
10. Staten - "Alumni" from "Alumni / Jawline"
11. Good Luck Spaceman - "Technicolor" from "Courtyards"
12. Joe Miranda - "Get along" from "Stuck here"
13. Modern Chemistry - "Carolina" from "Dreaming Adjacent"
14. Mikey Erg - "Comme Si About Me" from "Tentative Decisions"
15. September's Ghost - "Tommy's Got A Gun" from "Drawn to the Satellites"