return to Presents New NJ Music 5-2-16

1. A Halo Called Fred - "Pignocerous of Spleebonia (Very Real Threats)" from "Lies, Damned Lies, and Songs by A Halo Called Fred"
2. Gored Matador - "Mr Officer" from "Luck Is For Fools Milk Is For Babies - rough mixes"
3. The Demiurge Mythos - "Wabi-Sabi" from "Empyrium"
4. Staten - "West, Someday" from "A Summary On What I Did Wrong"
5. CelloVein - "Isle Of Apollo" from "Bad Cellist"
6. The Dead Flowers - "Radio" from "Mountain House Blues"
7. HAL - "The Long Short Story of HAL" from "HALfire"
8. Rich Soni - "Sweet Grass Memory" from "04​-​03​-​16 (At The Fine Grind)"
9. Lou Cunningham - "Thoughts Like Leaves'" from "Music Made From Dirt and Air"
10. Casino Sundae - "The Missing" from "Singles Going Sundae"
11. Know Nukes - "Nepal" from "Know Nukes"
12. Backyard Cities - "It's Quiet Outside At 3 AM" from "It's Quiet Outside At 3 AM - Single"
13. Mother Goose - "Trenches" from "Pity Party"
14. Mad Feather Group - "High Babble" from "High Babble"
15. Red Stone Of Faith - "By Your Side" from "The Shawnee Shawnee EP!"