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Lazlo's Den Presents New Music Playlist 4-25-16

1. Tasha Taylor - "Little Miss Suzie" from "Honey For The Biscuit"
2. White Miles - "In The Mirror" from "The Duel"
3. Jane Lee Hooker - "Wade In The Water" from "No B!"
4. Travis - "Magnificent Time" from "Everything At Once"
5. Eric Bachmann - "Mercy" from "Eric Bachmann"
6. Errol Dunkley - "Please Stop Your Lying" from "First Class Rock Steady"
7. Culture Abuse - "Jealous" from "Peach"
8. Brass Bed - "Mind The Gap" from "In The Yellow Leaf"
9. Solids - "Blank Stare" from "Else"
10. Moreland & Arbuckle - "When The Lights Are Burning Low" from "Promised Land Or Bust"
11. GreyMarket - "Minutiae" from "The Stress Kills"
12. Peter Katz - "We Won't Mind" from "We Are The Reckoning"
13. Trapper Schoepp - "Ogallala" from "Rangers & Valentines"
14. Sunshine Gun Club - "Fading Lights" from "Heaven"
15. Goo Goo Dolls - "Over & Over" from "Boxes"

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