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Lazlo's Den Presents New Music Playlist 4-18-16

1. The Winter Sounds - "Nineteen (Demo)" from "Maximum Reality"
2. Soft Continent - "Come on in" from "Come on in"
3. The Posies - "Unlikely Places" from "Solid States"
4. Ben de la Cour - "Down to the Water's Edge" from "Midnight In Havana"
5. The Felice Brothers - "Aerosol Ball" from "Life In The Dark"
6. Radical Face - "Secrets (Cellar Door)" from "The Family Tree: The Leaves"
7. New Age Healers - "Have Some Fun (The Fall Has Begun)" from "Ghost"
8. Outer Spaces - "Heavy Stone Poem" from "A Shedding Snake"
9. Paul Simon - "Wristband" from "Stranger To Stranger"
10. Ryan Egan - "Finest Hour" from "Finest Hour"
11. Oliver Riot - "Alcatraz" from "Hallucinate"
12. Dario Slavazza - "Ocean Eyes" from "Ocean Eyes"
13. The Tragically Hip - "In A World Possessed By The Human Mind" from "Man Machine Poem"
14. Love in October - "Teenage Evolution" from "Love in October III"
15. Lady Bones - "Weight" from "Terse"

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