return to Presents New NJ Music 4-18-16

1. Son of Dov - "Smoke Signals" from "Smoke Signals"
2. Iron Moon - "This Black Ocean" from "This Black Ocean EP 2"
3. The Scary Jokes - "A Night at the Movies" from "April Fools"
4. Backyard Superheroes - "Netflix & Chill" from "Netflix & Chill - Beerfest Sampler"
5. Punch Face Champion - "Keep On Keepin' On" from "Punch Face Champion"
6. Kimon & The Prophets - "New York's Finest" from "Bongo Boy Records Backroom Blues Volume One"
7. Kevin&Laura - "Stay For Me" from "She Went To Paris"
8. Know Nukes - "Dialectics" from "Know Nukes"
9. Renovations - "Thrashin' 'N' Trashin'" from "Sweet"
10. Dollys - "Friendly" from "Low Year"
11. Chase Alters - "Book" from "Self-Portrait"
12. Robby Belen - "Never Mind" from "Being Me Is Suffering (EP)"
13. Ruminate - "State Of Change" from "State Of Change"
14. Grave Architecture - "Wax Puddle" from "Gold Star Sticker Blood"
15. Up The Family Tree - "Hardcore UFOs" from "Some Drilling Implied"
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