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1. Readymade Breakup - "Whiskey & Jellybeans" from "Live With It"
2. Frogg Party - "Trust Lotion" from "Scandals and Animals"
3. Shortwaves - "Veranda" from "Spring Sampler"
4. Old Smile - "Now You Pretend" from "Now You Pretend"
5. Tuskers - "Landloper" from "Guessing Game At Half​-​Time In Beijing"
6. Zoo Keys - "All Over Now" from "Violent Ends [EP]"
7. Shark Club - "Not Sad, Just Tired" from "Kru, You Idiot"
8. Some Kind Of Wizard - "Radiation Dreams" from "A Wizard Of Some Kind"
9. Two Dollar Fun - "No One's Coming For You" from "Demo"
10. Aimsir - "Recollection" from "Remembrance EP"
11. Fence - "I've Always Wanted To Be A Wizard" from "Get This Sample Down To Forensics"
12. All American Hometown Zero - "Consequently" from "Consequently (Single)"
13. Dub Proof (ft. PK from Blisstique) - "In A Rush" from "blisstique meets dubproof IN A RUSH"
14. Chris Rockwell - "Miss Saturday Night" from "Rockwell Rebel Radio"
15. Plainfield Slim & The Groundhawgs - "Miss Stacey" from "Bongo Boy Records Backroom Blues Volume One"
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