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Lazlo's Den Presents New Music Playlist 3-21-16

1. The Roomsounds - "Elm St." from "Elm St."
2. Carey - "You Were Right" from "Carey"
3. Face To Face - "Middling Around" from "Protection"
4. Jarbird - "Iona" from "Such Is The House"
5. Chris Breaux - "Your FairyTale" from "Chris Breaux"
6. Emitt Rhodes - "Put Some Rhythm To It" from "Rainbow Ends"
7. Mike Bell & The Movies - "Fucked If You Do" from "Room"
8. The Maybe Somedays - "Daylight Savings" from "All We Have Is Everything"
9. Youth - "Calendar Girl" from "Calendar Girl"
10. The Shondikes - "Rock 'n' Roll Sex 'n' Soul" from "Psychotic Make Out Music"
11. Darcy Malone & The Tangle - "Still Life" from "Still Life"
12. They might Be Giants - "I Wasn't Listening" from "phone power"
13. The Gills - "Gimme Gimme" from "the Gills"
14. Praise - "Makes no Sense" from "Makes no Sense"
15. Bob Mould - "The End Of Things" from "Patch The Sky"

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